Product purchase rules

1. General provisions

1.1. Both parties in the agreement agree that the person who completes the registration form for the shop user profile and confirms these rules at checkout, “I have read and agree to the Purchase Terms and Conditions”, is familiar with the terms and conditions and agrees unconditionally and understands all the terms and conditions of the agreement;

1.2. After accepting website purchase and payment terms and conditions and clicking on the “Order” link in to finish his/her order, the buyer indicates his free will to purchase the goods mentioned in the order and at the price specified in the it.

1.3. The order is deemed to be received from the moment the order is generated on the seller’s administration profile on behalf of the buyer. The buyer will be informed about the successful generation of the order by e-mail (using the e-mail address indicated on the buyer registration form). If the order for system failure or other circumstances is not formed, the buyer will not receive any notice. In the absence of an order confirmation by email, the buyer has the right to contact the seller via e-mail. ( and inform about the mistake.

1.4. The seller has the right at any time to restrict the buyer’s rights or to cancel buyers registration on the website if the buyer does not comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in the regulations. The seller also has the right to cancel the customer’s feedback if these are offensive content that violates the norms of the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.5. The buyer and seller have the right to verbally or in writing cancel or change an order.

1.6. The seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement these rules at any time, taking into account requirements established by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The latest version of the rules is provided to the buyer at the time of each order creation.

1.7. In all points in these rules, singular can refer to a plural, masculine genus – feminine, as well as another affectionate if it is in itself understood from the content of the rules.

2. Protection of personal data

2.1. Any buyer information that is related to personal data and which is registered in the shop (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information indicated on the e-shop registration form) is collected in order to:

2.1.1. Successfully process customer’s orders for goods or services.

2.1.2. Reduce buyer time costs during the purchase process.

2.1.3. Solve problems with shipment delivery.

2.1.4. To fulfill other contractual obligations of the parties provided in these Rules.

2.2. The seller is obliged to ensure the protection of the customer’s personal data in accordance with the procedure provided in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. All information about the buyer is not and will not be transferred to third parties, except in cases provided in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. Contract time (Ordering)

3.1. The parties agree that the contract for the sale of specific goods is deemed concluded and takes effect from the moment the seller sends an e-mail to the buyer at the indicated e-mail address confirming that the buyer’s order has been accepted and the ordered goods will be sent to the buyer.

3.2. Every order placed by the buyer is stored in the seller’s online store database. The seller reserves the right to cancel the orders contained in the database after their execution / cancellation.

3.3. The buyer will be informed about the initial status of the order, as well as changes in the order status, by electronic mail (by e-mail indicated by the buyer). Available order statuses:

3.3.1. Pending payment – the seller received the buyer’s order, but the order is not approved, as the buyer has not yet received payment for the goods in one of the selected ways.

3.3.2. Processing – the seller prepares an order for delivery (usually used when a withdrawal is made in Vilnius).

3.3.3. On hold – Order has been suspended due to non-compliance with the purchase and payment terms.

3.3.4. Completed – the buyer is informed that the goods presented in his order are shipped to the address specified by the buyer at the chosen delivery method of the buyer or delivered at the agreed place.

3.3.5. Cancelled – The seller informs the buyer that the order has been cancelled. Due to the reason for cancellation and possible alternatives, the seller will contact the buyer and inform him within a reasonable time.

3.3.6 Refunded – The buyer is informed that the money, if the buyer has paid them to the seller in advance, is refunded by mutual agreement of the parties. It also applies when the buyer returns the purchased item to the seller.

3.3.7. Failed – the buyer is informed that the submission or execution of the order failed because of the reasons that the seller stated in the email to the buyer at the time of submission of the order.

4. Return and replacement of goods
4.1. Return of goods takes place in accordance with the 2001 June 29 Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 217 “On Approval of Rules for the Return and Exchange of Goods “.

4.2. In order to return the item(s), the Buyer can do this within 7 (seven) days from delivery of the goods to the Buyer, informing the Seller by e-mail (, adding pictures and / or photos of the shipment explaining the problem.

4.3 Returned product must be intact, unused, the same assembly as the Buyer has received, without loss of merchantability. When returning the goods, it is necessary to provide a paper (printed) purchase document (a copy of the order, a transfer order).

4.4. The buyer returns the goods by sending a registered shipment to address indicated in invoice. The registered parcel number must be submitted to the Seller by e-mail not later than within 24 hours after shipping.

4.5. The cost of returning or replacing goods is paid by the buyer.

4.6 When returning a good item, the Buyer is only refunded with the amount of money paid for the item. Shipping costs are not refunded to the buyer.

4.7. When returning the wrong product, the Seller undertakes to replace such item with the necessary item. In the absence of the necessary goods, the buyer will return all the money (for the item, and the actual shipping cost).

4.8. When the defective product is returned, the Seller undertakes to replace the defective product with a similar product or return the money to the Buyer.

4.9. In order to return the defected item(s), the Buyer may do this within 14 (fourteen) days from the day the goods are delivered to the Buyer, informing the Seller by e-mail, adding pictures of a defective product and / or package describing the problem.

4.10. The returned defective product must be in the orderly packaging, not damaged, used, with the same equipment as the Buyer has received, without loss of merchantability. When returning the goods, it is necessary to provide a paper (printed) purchase document.

4.11. The Seller has the right not to accept Goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not comply with the procedure for the return of goods specified in clauses 4.4-4.5, 4.9-4.10 of these rules.

4.12. If the Buyer returns the item purchased at a discount, the amount paid for the item is refunded with a valid discount.

5. Price of goods and payment procedure

5.1. Prices of goods placed and sold in the order and store are indicated with VAT.

5.2. The shipping fee is indicated when the delivery method is chosen during the ordering process.

5.3. The buyer can pay for the ordered goods in one of the following ways:

5.3.1. In advance, by bank transfer, indicating the order number.

5.3.2. Bank transfer via system for automated payment.

5.4. When placing an order, the buyer undertakes to pay for goods on time:

5.4.1. When paid in advance, the buyer undertakes to pay within 48 (forty eight) hours from receipt of the confirmation of the order from the seller. The seller will inform via e-mail about the buyer’s payment received within the next 24 hours from the time of receiving the payment. After 48 (forty-eight) hours after the moment of receipt of the order, the order is no longer valid if the Buyer does not pay for the goods specified in the order.

5.4.2. When a customer is paying for the goods through the system, the receipt and confirmation of the payment order is carried out by the automated system. The seller informs the Buyer by standard e-mail after receiving the payment. If the payment for the order is not successful or completed in time, the seller will have the right to cancel the order. The seller is not liable for any system errors that may occur in the banking systems and the system because Seller don’t own it or is responsible for their activity(s).

6. Delivery of goods

6.1. Items are delivered within 3 – 7 (three to seven) business days from the date of payment and confirmation of the order. Upon receiving the payment from the buyer, the seller within 1 (one) business day will prepare the goods for dispatch and will send a message via email with a shipment number, allowing Buyer to track the location of the goods and delivery time. At the same time, the buyer agrees that, in exceptional cases, delivery of the goods and information about the lot number may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the seller’s control. In this case, the seller undertakes to contact the buyer and coordinate delivery questions. In the absence of a notice of the shipment number, the buyer must contact the seller.

7. Change of goods

7.1. For goods exchange / return, you can contact via e-mail. ( or call +370 61564469. Keep an inventory of your purchase. The item must not be used and in the complete set.

8. Final provisions
8.1. These rules for the return of goods are made in accordance with the laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

8.2. These rules are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes arising from the enforcement of these rules are resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach an agreement, disagreements are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.