“Dandelion” lights


Dandelions are the first to bloom in spring, they are the ones that create those magnificent spring meadows and color them yellow. They brightness inspires and attracts others to get inspired. Even when their blooming time is finished they continue to fascinate us and gives wings to our hopes and dreams in the form of white and weightless dandelion fluff.

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10 lights garland: 20 lights garland:  30 lights garland:
Energy source: 2 AA batteries (LED lights). 220V or 3 AA batteries (LED lights). 3 AA batteries (LED lights).
Material: cotton cotton cotton
Cord length: 1 m 3 m 3m
Ball diameter: 6 cm 6 cm 6 cm
Number of balls: 10 20 30

Bulbs are only suitable for indoor use.

Bulbs certified according to the CE marking standard.

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