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Using Cookies

Cookies at  are used for statistical purposes only and in terms of website traffic and the popularity of individual sections or products, as well as your interests. Statistics older than 26 months will be automatically deleted.

You can delete cookies from your computer or block them using a web browser on your computer, but after blocking cookies, for technical reasons, some of our website services or data may be inaccessible to you.

Use of personal information

“Get Cotton Lights” protects your personal information in compliance with the requirements of Lithuania’s and the EU legal acts on legal protection of personal data. All personal information is collected to:
  • Ensure the most accurate and fastest shipment delivery to the customer;
  • Provide customers with relevant content, convenient shopping, and enjoyable experience.

Customers provide their personal data to “Get Cotton Lights” with a free will in order to ensure fast shipment delivery and receiving an invoice (if desired).

Respecting privacy policy, all information provided by customers is not sold, rented, lent, donated or otherwise handed over to third parties.

We only guarantee the security of the information provided on the website when buying goods, but we are not responsible for the security of the personal information provided in the site’s or the social network’s (Facebook, Instagram) comments section. This information is public and accessible to everyone, so every visitor should be careful about publishing their details in the comments.