Create your lights

We want to encourage your imagination and offer a chance to create your own lights.

You can choose from 19 different colors and create an original 10, 20 or 30 lights garland. Feel free while doing so because it does not matter if whole garland will be composed of one color or will have every color available. Who knows maybe you will create the next trend? 🙂

Cotton lights will be sent not assembled so you could recreate your original idea.

Your complete order must be written in notice section at checkout.

It could look like this:

#14*5/ #1*5/#6*5/#15*5

Bulbs are only suitable for indoor use.

Bulbs certified according to the CE marking standard.

20 lights garland
16 eur
  • EU plug
10 lights garland
12 eur
  • LED (2 AA batteries)
20 lights garland
16 eur
  • LED (3 AA batteries)
30 lights garland
25 eur
  • LED (3 AA batteries)
10 lights garland: 20 lights garland:  30 lights garland:
Energy source: 2 AA batteries (LED lights). 220V or 3 AA batteries (LED lights). 3 AA batteries (LED lights).
Material: cotton cotton cotton
Cord length: 1 m 3 m 3m
Ball diameter: 6 cm 6 cm 6 cm
Number of balls: 10 20 30